Answers to some commonly asked questions:

What is the Core Builder Program format?

Weekly: 60-90 minute, 1:1 working sessions on Zoom, plus 15-30 minute check-ins on Zoom or by phone to answer questions and track progress.

After the 8 week Program: 2 (optional) follow-up sessions are included, 1 each month for two months.

Will you build all the marketing tools as well?

Not as part of this Program. The Core Builder Program is like a “blueprint.” It lays out a solid foundation to build upon before construction. Many (many!) businesses build their marketing tools without a plan, costing lost time, money, and sales opportunities that can lead to collapse. Throughout the Program, you WILL receive high-value, hard and soft deliverables that will be essential to use in your brand and marketing promotions.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. A 50% down payment is required, with the option to pay the balance in one or two payments by the end of the Program. In certain situations, a payment extension may be available.

What's next after the Core Builder Program?

After completing the eight week Program, you’ll receive a custom Playbook that documents the findings and recommendations made throughout our 1:1 sessions. Then you'll have the option to use your own team to build/rebuild the tools you need – or hire my agency, SpotSyt™, using a $500 credit we’ll give you toward your first project with us (some restrictions apply - contact me for details).