The Core Builder Program for
Branding + Marketing™

An 8-week, 1:1 online consultation series designed to pinpoint the areas you can improve to connect to more customers and transform your business

The Goal

To discover the transformation points and strategies your business can improve to increase: brand development, marketing results, sales, and growth.

Companies I Work With

Established business Owners needing to pivot, or select early stage Founders needing a smart start. Online sessions are custom and 1:1.

My Process

Both structured and non-linear. Both hard and soft deliverables. I will be using these methods to formulate specific recommendations for you.

Every business is unique, yet the core is the same:

Sales are necessary for income

Sales are driven by marketing

Without sales, any business will fail.

Eight Sessions / Nine Subjects

In eight hands-on, custom working sessions, I’ll dig into these nine essential components with you. Together, they’ll provide a strong branding + marketing core as the base for increasing your sales:

Brand White

First Things First

Take inventory and a “core temperature” assessment

Vision White

Vision & Values

Clarity, home base, and giving philosophy

Values White


Creation, re-brand or refresh, as needed

Process White


Articulation of your process and what remains to be figured out

Differentiation White

Research & Differentiation

Survey current/future customers. Focus on competitive advantage(s)

Message White


Public-facing message concepts 

Strategy White


Sales strategy exploration and options

Platform White


Marketing platform foundation outline and strategy options

Playbook White


Review and recap your custom “Playbook” of findings to apply

The Investment

Whether your goal is to increase sales and grow your business long term or to build and sell it, strengthening your brand and sales through effective marketing is a wise investment that will pay for itself over time.

The Core Builder Program for Branding + Marketing™


8 weeks of in-depth 1:1 online sessions, exclusively about your business

90 minute sessions plus a weekly 15-30 minute progress update call during the program

After you complete the program, two (2) one hour follow-up sessions are included (optional)

$500 credit toward optional future marketing services from my agency, SpotSyt™, after you finish the program (some restrictions apply, contact me for details).

Discount available for non-profits

Payment Plans Available

More About the Program Sessions

Both Structured and Non-linear

  • The structured part of each session: Weekly, customized assignments designed to help you think about your business in new ways, answering specific questions and using new ideas.
  • The non-linear part of each session: A combination of discussion and exploration. A space for ideas to flow and for possibilities to emerge, which will be refined from week to week.


I will be using both methods to formulate specific recommendations and strategies for your business.

Hard Deliverables:

Your business is unique. I’ll concentrate on true needs and making the biggest impact within your specific situation. For example, a wholesale manufacturer has different challenges than an online SaaS platform. 

Included Hard Deliverables:

  • Playbook: After the program completion, you’ll receive a recap of the session findings and a summary of actionable / suggested next steps, including strategies.
  • Session Assignment Documents
  • Brand Image and Tagline: New logo artwork or re-design is included, if necessary, plus the Brand Story. 
  • Customer/Prospect Survey: Sent to a list of 50 to 100 people (list TBD) to learn more about product / market fit.
  • Company Story: For use in marketing and/or as the basis of a video script. 
  • Infographic(s): To illustrate key findings and concepts that can be used in sales or internally with your team.

Soft Deliverables:

As valuable as the hard deliverables, if not more so, are the “soft” deliverables discovered over eight weeks. Gaining clarity and the right idea(s) can have a ripple-effect that make a powerful difference. I use my experience and insights to help Owners: understand, course-correct, discover ideas for new products, find new vertical markets and customer groups, develop key-turning campaign messages, just to name a few. My goal is to discover the unique and high-value transformational pivots for your business.

NOTE: This consulting program is about Core Building for Branding + Marketing – the foundation for your sales materials, website, etc. – not their actual construction.

At the end of the program you are free to use the discoveries made with your own team, or have the option to continue working with my do-it-together marketing company, SpotSyt™, and receive a $500 credit toward our services (some restrictions apply, contact me for details).